Voting on the submitted entries by participants starts now, same as experts giving feedback to your games. The voting app is at, and it runs till October 4th.

This will work the same way as in 2019 and 2020 - rounds of “1 vs 1 battles” between entries, where you select which one of the two is better in Innovation, Fun, Theme, Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, and Controls (which will focus on how well the entry works on Desktop, Mobile, or Server). And then move to the next pair. …

We’re opening the submit form and offering something new this year - the “Unfinished” category for all the projects that were not completed, but you’d want to share the progress anyway.

First things first: after a decade of running the website on the exact same hosting platform we had to move to a new one, and make sure everything worked - that’s why the submit form was closed most of the time and is opening a few days before the deadline, and not a few days after the start as it was doing so in previous years. …

I know this comes out quite late as we’re close to the end of the competition already, but it’s better late than never, right? There’s still some time left if you’d like to try adding the decentralized ingredient to your compo entry.

This should give you a good intro as to how you can start with both NEAR and IPFS if you haven’t researched it already, as I know this was a bit of a struggle for those who are unfamiliar with the tech. …

The video recordings of the kick-off meetup that happened on Friday 13th and the online workshop from Monday 16th are already available to be watched on our brand new YouTube channel for whose who missed them or couldn’t attend.

The meetup revolved around introducing new things in this year’s competition, and sharing tips and tricks useful to build a game within the given size limitation.

The workshop, on the other hand, offered a learning experience of building an Asteroids clone using the Kontra.js micro-library.

Friday 13th? There’s no better time to start the tenth edition of the js13kGames online competition! You have a whole month to build an HTML5 game within the 13 kilobyte zip package and win some cool prizes as well.

What’s the theme? Check out the announcement video (13 seconds long!) below:

Last year’s 404 felt too hard to grasp for some folks, so this time the easy one: SPACE. Or is it? Your game might be about the outer space and stars, or maybe a physical space, or the keyboard key. …

Decentralized is a brand new category this year, and the new rules might sound tricky, especially for a competition where you try to squeeze in a tiny amount of code to a single zip package, so below are the clarifications that will hopefully help you understand what you can do a little bit more.

Keep in mind this is all more or less an experiment the same way WebXR and Web Monetization categories when they were being introduced in the previous years. Please be understanding, ask questions if you have any concerns, and remember that the category is entirely optional.

1. Submitting to Decentralized versus other categories

Since the very beginning, the js13kGames competition was all about the community - there was never a marketing budget, and the number of submitted entries heavily relied on past participants sharing their experiences with their folks.

It’s our tenth edition of the competition this year, and I’d love to celebrate it with as many of you as possible. …

This year’s WebXR category in the js13kGames competition is introducing a new engine to be used outside of the size limit - PlayCanvas.

We’ve introduced the category with the A-Frame framework in 2017, added Babylon.js in 2018, then offered Three.js in 2019, and now is the time to add PlayCanvas, which have WebXR support built in by default. We’re inviting everyone to create a Mixed Reality experience for the js13kGames competition using any of the available tools!

There were various hardware prizes over the years - from our very own cardboard, through Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, to a Magic Leap. We’re still looking for prizes though - something to be given away this year, so if your company can offer a VR device (or cover the costs of us sponsoring something), then please get in touch, thank you!

It’s time to reveal the look of this year’s t-shirt (as always designed by Ewa) that will be distributed to the creators of the best entries in js13kGames 2021. Traditionally for free, shipped worldwide -all thanks to our Partners.

We’re always really happy to see you liking the designs, wearing the t-shirts, and sharing that on social media - we hope this one will be as good, or even better than the previous ones!

There will be a total of 130 t-shirts to be given away: for top 100 overall results, 15 in the Decentralized category, and 15 in the WebXR one, since both will have a separate voting. We’ll also offer buying more if you don’t win it or will be interested in having more than one for your teammates.

Third year of the Web Monetization category in the js13kGames competition is introducing cash prizes for best entries with the total amount of $1300.

After the first edition debuting in 2019, and the second in 2020 offering Nintendo Switch as the main prize, the third one now will give away cash for best entries. This was very well received during this year’s Web Monetization category in the Gamedev.js Jam 2021 - the category revolved around monetizing stuff after all, so it made perfect sense.

This year top 10 entries will be awarded with USD, and the winner will take almost…

Andrzej Mazur

HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher.

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