Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2021


Forest Cuties game was finished and published. We’ve released NSHex Roulette, Body Guard, and Forest Cuties recently as part of the Grant for the Web grant - that was quite the effort given the time was limited, but we’ve managed.


A bunch of blog posts: from the already mentioned Forest Cuties making of and Web Monetized HTML5 Game Development final Grant report, through Phaser 4 is coming, to event reports about W3C Games CG meetup and Grant for the Web call.


Most of Ewa’s work in June revolved around the graphic assets for Forest Cuties, including the game’s NFT, but she also did a bunch of banners for our blog posts.


I’ve participated in the W3C Games Community Group meetup: June 2021 where folks from Godot, Coil, and Pixi were sharing their updates, and gave a short talk at the Grant for the Web community call #1 where I summarized our recently completed grant project.


The preparations to js13kGames 2021 are slowly starting, though the extra work needed to finish the Grant for the Web project delayed it a lot. That should’ve started three months before August 13th, not one and a bit, but this will have to be enough. I’m going to focus all my time on the competition for the next 2–3 months though.

Plans for the next month

Prepare everything for the upcoming js13kGames 2021.



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Andrzej Mazur

Andrzej Mazur


HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher.